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Ultimate Guide: How to Wear a Fascinator with Style

How to wear a fascinator

How to wear a fascinator can often be a puzzling question for many.

In fact, when it’s time to attend that special occasion, their number one dilemma is…

How to wear a fascinator.

Their uncertainty stems from not knowing how to style this chic accessory. But mastering this skill separates the fashion novice from the fashion savvy. If you don’t know how to sport a fascinator with grace and elegance, you’ll never reach your full style potential.

Nailing the art of wearing a fascinator isn’t easy, folks.

Consider one woman who told me she felt incredibly self-conscious at her friend’s wedding because she wasn’t sure if her feathered headpiece was worn correctly or not.

Now she’s apprehensive about trying them again, fearing another awkward experience.

No wonder!

Table of Contents:

The Fascinator: A Fashionista’s Style Accessory

Delve into the fascinating world of fascinators.

This hugely popular accessory is a fashionista’s style must-have, especially for formal occasions.

A favourite accessory choice among women, it adds an elegant touch to any outfit.

But did you know that this beautiful hair accessory has roots in history?

Fascinators originated as a type of traditional ladies hat back in the 17th century.

In recent times though, they have evolved into much more than just hats.

Becoming one of the most popular women’s hair accessories around today.

Made from various materials like feathers and lace, with intricate designs and vibrant colours – there are countless styles available online on numerous women’s clothing stores.

Sit tight as we dive deeper into how to wear these stylish pieces based on your hair length in our next section.Stay tuned.

How to Wear a Fascinator Based on Hair Length

Fascinators, the popular women’s hair accessory, can be worn with any hair length.

Let’s dive into how you can rock this favourite accessory choice based on your locks’ size.

Short Hair and Fascinators

If you have short hair, don’t fret.

You too can make a statement at formal occasions with these beautiful accessories.

The Standard Beak Hair Clip Method:

Medium-Length Hair and Fascinators

Sporting medium-length tresses? We’ve got tips for you too.

Remember ladies – confidence is key when wearing traditional ladies hats like fascinators. Try experimenting with various secure methods to find the best fit for your look – confidence is a must when wearing traditional women’s hats, such as fascinators.

Choosing the Right Colour Fascinator for Your Hair Colour

Different hair colours can significantly influence your fascinator choice.

Colour coordination is key in creating a stunning look.

If you’re brunette or have black hair, consider vibrant shades like royal blue or ruby red.

For those with fiery locks, green feather fascinator designs often make an excellent contrast.

Pastel hues work wonders on blondes; think soft pinks and lilacs for that perfect pop of colour.

Now we’ve covered how to match your fascinator to your hair shade, let’s move onto selecting the perfect wedding hair accessory when attending as a guest.

Best Fascinators for Wedding Guests

If you’re attending a wedding, picking the perfect wedding hair accessory can elevate your look.

Fascinators are hugely popular accessories and have become a favourite accessory choice at weddings.

The feather fascinator designs make them an elegant addition to any outfit. Check out some stunning feathered options here.

Picking Your Fabric

In terms of fabric choices, consider popular millinery fabrics like satin or lace which add sophistication to your ensemble.

Flower Hair Clips: A Beautiful Alternative

You could also opt for flower hair clips if you prefer something more subtle yet equally stylish. Explore our range of beautiful floral pieces here.

Making Colour Choices

To ensure that your chosen piece complements your attire perfectly, try coordinating the colour with what you’ll be wearing. If feeling adventurous, go bold by choosing an accent colour instead.

Perfect Mother-of-the-Bride Fascinators

Your daughter’s wedding day is a special occasion.

You need to look your absolute best on such a special day, and an ideal hair accessory can help you attain that.

Fascinators are an elegant choice for mothers of brides. They add a touch of sophistication without overshadowing the bride’s ensemble.

If the event has a specific theme or colour scheme, consider matching it. A feather fascinator design in complementary colours will blend seamlessly into the overall aesthetic. Explore our shop by colour page.

Detailed embroidery on your fascinator makes it unique and personal. It adds texture while maintaining elegance. Check out some embroidered options here.

Pillbox hats have been a traditional ladies hat for years now. If you prefer something more classic than modern designs, this could be your favourite hair accessory. View our range of pillbox hats here.

Choosing between these beautiful accessories might seem daunting but remember – they’re all designed to make you feel fabulous.

Intrigued about what comes next? Let’s dive into how chic fascinators can turn heads at races.

Standout at Races with Chic Fascinators

Race events are all about making a statement.

The boho chic style is your ticket to standing out in the crowd, and what better way than donning a stylish fascinator?

Wide brimmed hats have always been popular but let’s not forget woven polyester mesh designs – they’re both fashionable and comfortable for an all-day event. Check out our collection of wide brim hats here.

Fashionable Wide Brim Hats

A wide brim hat can give you that extra edge. It’s a hugely popular accessory, offering shade from the sun while upping your fashion game.

Polyester Mesh Designs

If comfort is key, opt for woven polyester mesh designs. They’re lightweight yet high on style quotient. Explore our range of Polyester Mesh Designs here.

Remember this: it’s not just about being seen; it’s also about feeling fabulous.

Complementing Your Outfit With Accessories

The right accessories can elevate your look.

A fascinator, being a hugely popular accessory and fashionista’s style choice, is only the beginning.

You also need to consider shoes, jewellery and bags.

If you’ve chosen a silver feathered fascinator design from our shop by colour page, why not match it with a sleek silver clutch bag?

Your footwear should be comfortable yet stylish.

Now that we have discussed how best to complement your outfits with perfect accessories let’s move on. In the next section, we will share some tips on buying these beautiful hair pieces online without any hassle.

Shopping Tips For Buying Your Perfect Fascinator Online

Navigating the virtual marketplace can be tricky, particularly when looking to purchase from web-based womenswear outlets.

You want the perfect hair accessories that match your style and occasion.

No worries.

Understand what you’re looking for.

Are you after feather fascinator designs or prefer flower hair clips?

Consider the event.

For outdoor events, choose materials like woven polyester mesh which are weather-friendly.

We’re always here to help in making formal occasion hats selection easier for you.

By following these tips, rest assured that your favourite accessory choice will turn heads at any event.

Maintaining Your Beautiful Hair Accessory

So, you’ve got your perfect hair accessories.

Now what?

The key is in the maintenance.

A gentle approach works best here.

Your favourite accessory choice deserves a safe home when not being worn.

  1. Safeguarding From Dust: Dust can dull the shine of popular millinery fabrics over time. A dust-free box or bag should do the trick.
  2. Avoid Crushing: If your hat sits loose on its storage surface, it could lose shape. Ensure that doesn’t happen by using tissue paper for support.
  3. Humidity Control: We all know how humidity can play havoc with hairstyles. The same goes for these delicate feather fascinator designs and other formal ladies hats too.

Treating your beautiful hair accessory right ensures longevity and keeps them looking fresh as new each time they are worn.
Now let’s dive deeper into choosing just the right one based on different scenarios/events/hair length etc., shall we? Let’s move onto Heading 10.

Embrace the Fascinator: Your Ultimate Guide

If you’re a fashionista, fascinators are your ticket to stand out at any formal event.

This hugely popular accessory has evolved from being a traditional ladies hat into an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe.

The Right Fit for Every Hair Length

Fascinators can be worn with any hair length using clips or headbands.

Picking The Perfect Colour For Your Hair Type

Your hair colour plays a crucial role in choosing the right fascinator colour.

Become A Wedding Guest Star With Beautiful Fascinators

Selecting the perfect wedding hair accessory is key when attending as a guest.

Mother-of-the-Bride? No Problem. We’ve Got You Covered Too…

Elegant and sophisticated, mothers of brides have numerous choices for their favourite hair accessory. Explore here.

FAQs in Relation to How to Wear a Fascinator

Is there a certain way to wear the fascinator?

Yes, you can attach a fascinator using clips, combs or headbands. The choice depends on your hair length and personal preference.

Which side should you wear a fascinator?

Traditionally, women wear fascinators on the right side of their heads. However, it’s acceptable to choose the side that suits your hairstyle best.

Is it still fashionable to wear a fascinator to a wedding?

Absolutely. Fascinators remain popular choices for weddings due to their elegance and versatility in matching with various outfits.

How do fascinators stay in place?

Fascinators are held securely by clips, combs or headbands which grip onto your hair. The type used often depends on your hair length and style.


Mastering the art of how to wear a fascinator is all about understanding your style and hair length.

You’ve learned that short, medium or long hair can each be beautifully adorned with these chic accessories.

The right colour choice can enhance your natural beauty and make you stand out in any crowd.

Weddings, races, formal events – there’s a fascinator for every occasion!

Mother-of-the-bride? We’ve got you covered too.

Your outfit isn’t complete without coordinating accessories to match your chosen headpiece. Remember: balance is key.

Finally, Fascinator, an online retailer of these fashionable pieces, makes it easy to find the perfect accessory for any event.

Whether you’re attending a wedding or going to the races – Fascinators are here to help elevate your look.

Come explore our collection today!

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